Introducing Pulsefit - a companion for every sport

Pulsefit is a complete revolution in electronic fitness training aids, in that it defines a fitness programme that trains athletes to a self-specified standard; even beyond that of an Olympic athlete

The Pulsefit Training system represents a revolution in sports technology. Now there is a device that can assist with your training, no matter what your goals. The Pulsefit Personal Coach (PPC) is a training device designed for small groups and individuals. The PPC comprises a library of training routines for the athlete to follow. The athlete is instructed via the PPC's advanced buzzer and LED displays which provide, exercise time, repetition (rep) time, rep and set counters and the all-important countdown time so the athlete always knows how long he has left in a given set.

The PPC is a group trainer, personal trainer, and a fitness tester; it is a complete workout and improvement plan for any sport.

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“The Pulsefit System is really exciting because nothing like this has been done before. It makes it so much easier to train with, because all the information is there for you throughout your training program. And because it is programmable, I can use it to train however I want.”
Shaun Tobin, Most capped Welsh athlete ever

“The Pulsefit has helped me in my coaching with Double Commonwealth Gold Medallist Chris Cook in making sure his training sessions are more specific. Chris found it very useful. It has also helped me work with other groups such as the Distance Group. One of this group Chris Knight has just broken the British Junior Record for 800m Freestyle.”
Ian Oiver, City of Newcastle and GB Swimming Coach

"The Pulsefit System is of great benefit to my training. It's simple to use and makes my training sessions run much more smoothly. I'd recommend it to any athlete interested in improving and getting results.”
Arwyn Davies, Welsh Event Coach for Middle Distance Running

“This equipment not only aids athletes but it allows coaches to focus on coaching instead of worrying about the times being recorded and where the athlete is up to in the designated block of work. In my opinion the world of training across all sports has been waiting for something like this to arrive on the market and the retail price for such an amazing piece of equipment puts it within reach of most clubs and even of a significant number of the upper echelon of coaches. I can envisage local authorities equipping training areas both dry and wet with them as well.”
Laurie Dormer, Past President British Swimming Coaching & Teaching Association

Instructors are crying out for improved methods. Pulsefit has the answer: “fitness training starts here”

The current method of training groups of swimmers to achieve faster times is to use a combination of stop-watches, notebooks and clocks

Pulsefit comes pre-programmed with a library of standard fitness training programs for a selection of sports, devised by our leading fitness coaches. Simply select the activity and then select the program based on your own level of ability. The Pulsefit system then starts a fitness routine for you to follow that has been specially designed by our fitness experts.

A clear GO signal is provided for the start of every set.
An INTerval signal is provided thereafter to allow for athletes to train at offset times.
SET and REP indicators and Running Time display is provided so the athletes and trainer know exactly where they are in the current exercise.
The Countdown Timer, shown in seconds, is also invaluable during training, to show the athlete how much time is left until the next Rep/Set.

The system can literally be used to train in any sport and in any exercise. The customisation of set durations, amount and repetition is straight-forward and simple to execute.

Fully Programmable

The PPC is fully programmable so that sports coaches can enter their own customised programmes. The PPC is portable and fully independent of any other equipment. It is amazingly versatile, catering for many sports including swimming, running, cycling, football – and more. The PPC operates indoors, outdoors or at the poolside. It is mains or battery operated and is completely splashproof. It has a rechargeable system that takes 2 hours to fully charge and can operate for 4 hours between charges. It has a wide viewing angle and a viewing distance of 200m so it can be placed on the side of an athletics track and viewed clearly as the runners approach.

Pulsefit removes the clutter and allows the coach to concentrate fully on the job of training, which involves encouragement, technique improvement, and many other facets.

Interval Training

With its wide range of facilities, including interval training, pyramid training or decrement training, the PPC is excellent for either, general fitness and stamina, or for specific training to elite level. The PPC’s compete ‘set levels’ allows for fitness comparison to be made against fellow athletes, novice, club and through to Olympic level.

The PPC is simple to assemble and requires only a few minutes between setting up and use for training. An advanced feature of the PPC enables downloads of customised programmes from the Pulsefit website ( which can be shared amongst coaches. Alternative programmes formulated and posted onto the website by other coaches can also be downloaded.

How to order

The Pulsefit Personal Coach Unit costs £550 + delivery. This will include set up and/or demo if required.

If you require the Pulsefit Personal coach without set up/demo the price is £400.00 + delivery.

Delivery is £45.

If you would like to make a purchase please email us.

You will be contacted by the supplier direct to make payment arrangements prior to dispatch.