About Us

SwimTec was established in 1975, and acquired Heartrate UK (the sole UK suppliers of the Treffene Coaches Heartrate Monitor) in 1996 to become SwimTec (Heartrate UK). Now known as SwimTec UK, we continue to supply training and technical equipment to swimmers and  coaches, parents and clubs.  We are still sole distributor of the EHR7FA Coaches HRM in the UK.


We have many years (over 50 years combined) of competitive swimming experience up to Olympic level in coaching and competitor, we pride ourselves in being able to offer honest & instructive advice about our products. We aim to supply a range of up-to-date equipment at competitive prices.


Swim Tec UK provide quality equipment relied upon by swimming clubs, coaches and parents.

Founded and run by swimmers and coaches for swimmers and coaches, we are providers of some of the highest quality training equipment used by swimmers today. You can order equipment and accessories from us with confidence, in the knowledge that we have personal experience of what swimmers and coaches require to enable them to achieve their goals. Swim Tec UK takes a pride in sourcing and supplying top quality equipment which will meet your swimming needs.

From performance measuring devices like stopwatches and heart rate monitors to snorkels, paddles and kickboards, our products are designed to meet the needs of the young beginner as well as more experienced and competitive swimmers/triathletes.

Swimming is a great way to exercise and improve physical fitness for people of all ages. We believe in encouraging both older people and youngsters to get involved and cater for everyone from the budding professional to the enthusiastic amateur.

We support the BSCA (British Swimming Coaches Association) at their events, our products are high quality, affordable solutions which allow you to monitor your performance, improve confidence and reach your health and fitness goals. Safety is of paramount importance so you can have total confidence in the reliability and performance of our equipment.

Whether it's improving your race time or just brushing up on your backstroke, our products cater for all ages and all levels of ability. Our range of equipment helps time your swim to perfection and ranges from easily affordable wristwatches to pool equipment like clocks and stopwatches for coaches to monitor athletes’ timing with precision. We supply DVDs which provide vital information for beginners as well as more specialised content for athletes looking to achieve their optimum performance.

We cater for the whole spectrum of swimming needs and age groups from the novice to the Olympian. Order from us now and experience our dedication to quality customer satisfaction which we aim to achieve with excellent products delivered quickly and efficiently.